In 2013, Nick graduated from the National Personal Training Institute as well as achieving his National Academy of Sports Medicine Certification (NASM-CPT). Nick sought to work in various regions of the fitness industry to gain an understanding as to its ebb and flow. Spending time among corporate and neighborhood facilities, both in fitness and nutrition/supplementation, Nick developed a firm grasp on what he wanted to offer the community.

Currently, Nick teaches in-person group training, private sessions, and virtual classes. He is enrolled in a Movement Therapy apprenticeship that will shed light on human movement in our everyday lives and how to create vitality in the mind and body.



Mike's journey into fitness began at a young age and has evolved quite a bit over the years. From a young athlete who loved to compete, to an aspiring young trainer with ambitions to make everyone fit and healthy, to an experienced trainer who still strives to create vitality for everyone. He is continuously learning and looking for new and effective ways to help the community.

Mike believes that vitality goes way beyond fitness. "True vitality requires not just a fit body and good eating habits, but also a strong and healthy mind. My goal is to help harness these elements and create everlasting energy."

His 16 year career involves working underneath mentors at the Fitness Institute International and The Institute of Human Performance. Mike maintains his certification through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA-CPT).


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