Join us each month in supporting these incredible non-profits.

Vitality Online Training is proud to announce partnership with KRMA Foods in supporting, donating, and providing a workout each month to these local non-profits. Don't hesitate to ask about ways to help out and how you can leave a mark!


Bringing awareness to TD1

JANUARY 30TH, 2021 @ 11AM

Join Vitality Online Training and KRMA Foods and help us support this Warrior Princess as we bring awareness to TD1


"Maeve Hollinger was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at 18 months old in May of 2012. T1D is very rare in children this young. It has been a daily struggle since she was diagnosed. She is currently on an insulin pump. Maeve is what is called "hypoglycemic unaware". Her body has adapted to huge swings in blood sugar that she shows no symptoms when her blood sugar is dangerously low."


"At Sari Center, our mission is to integrate complementary therapies with medical treatment to enhance the quality of life for all persons affected by cancer through a multidisciplinary approach that strengthens the mind, body, and spirit."


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